Wednesday, August 22, 2018

National Rainbow Baby Day - August 22

Rainbow Baby Day is TODAY! 

In honor of today; I wanted to share images recently taken by my dear friends and colleagues. 
As you may already know or are soon to know, last year my family suffered a loss of our son, Giovanni, and are currently expecting our Rainbow. Pictured below at 35 weeks gestation. 

I am blessed that here in San Diego I am apart of MULTIPLE photography groups where Community Over Competition is very important. I was blessed to team up with an amazing woman, Monique Hoppe, who has various gowns and we put on a free shootout for our Photography Community. 

The gowns provided are from Chicaboo and Ana Brandt.

The first gown skirt is called The Promise Gown by Chicaboo. The under dress is also by Chicaboo and called Sienna in Lavender.

The second gown shown is by Ana Brandt - The Lindsy Rainbow Dress.

Here are the results of many amazing Photographers gathering together and adding their own style to their images:

Monique Hoppe
Website: Monique Hoppe
Facebook: Monique Hoppe
Instagram: @MoniqueHoppeMaternity

Maternity Fine Art Portrait by Monique Hoppe in San Diego area with chicaboo Rainbow Gown

Heather Shough Photography

Heather has been a close and dear friend my entire pregnancy. She has actually photographed Novalee (our Rainbow Girl) MULTIPLE times. Here is her creation and edit of the same gown during our shootout: 

Portrait of a maternity rainbow mom at windandsea beach wearing chicaboo rainbow gown san diego

Sweet Snappin Photography by Tanya Bras

Sweet Snappin Photographys maternity portrait in a rainbow gown
Portrait of mom wearing chicaboo rainbow gown on the beach San Diego Sweet Snappin Photogrpahy

Hidden Star Photography by Tamberly Slagle

Christina Ilene Photography

Christina Ilene Photography
Christina Ilene Photography 1 person, ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, water and nature

Elizabeth Ratliff Photography and Designs

Of Course, there were SO many photographers present! And most are still editing so this is only an example of their work <3 

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