Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Marine Recruit Family Day | 2nd Battalion Fox Company Platoons 2121-2127 |MCRD San Diego, CA

Marine Recruit Family Day | 2nd Battalion Fox Company Platoons 2121-2127 |MCRD San Diego, CA

"I became a Marine because I wanted to instill discipline in myself and see if I had it in me to overcome the challenges of boot camp. Now I not only have earned the title but I have also found my place in a brotherhood that will last a lifetime and have learned that the only limits we have are the ones we set for ourselves. The Marine Corps has set me up for success and has given me the mental and physical strength to tackle any obstacle that comes before me." -PFC Brody Fink

PFC Brody Fink USMC 2020

FAMILY DAY - The day you get to see your Marine for the first time in person!! Mommas, you get to wrap your arms around them tightly and for the next 10 days. 

There is NO limit on the number of family members that can come to celebrate with your Marine; it's just recommended that you arrive early to ensure you can get through the gate.

Family Day Schedule of events is as follows:

0630-0900 - Family Day Breakfast Buffet - optional (shuttle stop)
0900 - Drill Instructors Brief
0930 - Motivational Run/Company - The first time you'll lay eyes on your marine!
1030 - Marine Corps 101 - Depot Theater
1200 - Liberty Formation - Depot Theater FIRST HUG will happen right when released! 
1220-1700 (1800 during DST) - Depot Liberty - Your new Marine is welcome to spend time with you but you can not leave the Depot. 

Below are images of the Fink family waiting to see their new Marine. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see momma Fink hugging her 2nd oldest for the first time as a United States Marine and the surprise she's brought with them. 

First time seeing her Marine

Shaking Veteran Fathers hand for the first time as a new Marine

Guess who made a surprise appearance?! 

tap tap

I was also very blessed to have seen PFC Fink after Graduation and was able to capture these portraits below

If you like what you see and you have a poolie coming through MCRD San Diego, CA you also can have photos like these! Check my availability and sign up located HERE

Hope to see you at the next Family day and Graduation Day!

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